Sunday, October 24, 2010

Which week is the worst week to miss a birth control pill?

Is it worst to miss one in week one, two or three?
(since week four are non-hormone pills, i know they don't count) It's influential to remember to take your pill every year because they are all high-status and missing any of them can decrease the efficiency and you could become pregnant.
I was told by my doctor once to be aware that your first and final active pills are the most far-reaching pills in your pack. He advise me that being behind time in starting the subsequent pack or forgetting your last influential pill will lengthen the time stale the active pills. Lengthening this pill-free interval can allow your body to ovulate.
I would recommend that you try to plan accommodatingly when you need to start or purchase your subsequent pack. Remember your pills when you go away for weekends or vacation.
If you have any further question or concerns, I would recommend you discuss with your doctor/gyno.
Good luck :)
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